The masked rocker became annoyed when he spotted a man in the front row of a show in New Jersey on Saturday night (09Jul16) texting mid-song as the band performed, and video footage of the encounter captures Corey reaching out to knock the device out of the gig-goer's hands.

A representative for the band shared the clip on on Sunday night (10Jul16), but Corey's actions sparked a backlash among some social media users, who complained about how he handled the incident.

However, the singer, who has made his no-texting policy clear over the years, refused to apologise, declaring, "If you're gonna text, stay home."

He went on to reveal he was "p**sed" the fan was "ignoring" the gig, especially as he has pressed on with touring commitments while recovering from recent spinal surgery, and he claims the man in question quickly realised he was in the wrong.

"It's actually funny - afterward, the dude TOTALLY understood the f**k up and we laughed together haha (sic)," the rocker stated.

Despite explaining his reasons for the phone clash, Corey still faced continued criticism, with one detractor suggesting the text could have been "a matter of life and death", prompting the singer to fire back, "Oh for f**k sake - if that were the case he WOULD HAVE LEFT."

Appearing to tire of the continued tweets, Corey then wrote, "In response to the negative feedback regarding the Phone Incident, I've prepared a written statement". The post was accompanied by a middle finger emoji.

It's not the first time Taylor has taken matters into his own hands to stop gig-goers from texting - he once dumped bottles of water over another unsuspecting fan he caught using a cell phone during a show.