The Like a Boss star, real name Stayve Jerome Thomas, was having a business meeting a Houston's restaurant in Houston, Texas recently, when the front right hand side window of his 2015 Rolls-Royce Wraith, which was parked outside, was smashed so his iPhone, which he had left inside, could be taken.

In a video obtained by, the rapper shows off the damage to his car, which will reportedly cost $10,000 (£8,000) in repairs. The entire windowpane has shattered and markings were left on the door.

He explained, "I was in Houston the other day in a business meeting and while I was in there the police come in there (and said), 'Hey man come on I need to talk to you'. I was like, 'oh s**t constable... what the f**k you need to talk to me for?'

"Anyway I come outside to this... f**ked my door up and everything to steal my phone. The only thing of value was my phone. This s**t gonna cost me $10,000 to fix but my insurance is gonna take care of it cos I ain't no dummy. Dumb people s**t man, it's crazy."

His car was reportedly in the restaurant parking lot and the whole incident was caught on surveillance cameras. Police officers are using the footage to help their investigation, according to the outlet.