LATEST: British-born rapper Slick Rick has appeared on an American radio station to fight against his possible deportation from his adopted country. The Hip-Hop star, real name RICKY WALTERS, served a five year conviction in 1991 for attempted murder, but a Florida judge recently overturned a three-year-old ruling that allowed the rapper to remain in the US. Walters slammed the decision on the liberal radio station NPR. He says, "I just see the laws as not being humane enough. "If a person hasn't committed a crime since 1990, 16 years later we want to throw him out because of some kind of paperwork technicality? "That's a problem with Congress and a lot of things that are going on in the world today. We have to present ourselves in the international world as humane and intellectual. "We cannot present ourselves as having lack of compassion."