Jailed rapper Slick Rick has been the victim of identity theft.

According to the hip-hopper's publicist BILL ADLER, 28-year-old STEVEN GLENN of Raleigh, North Carolina, had the rapper's mail rerouted to North Carolina sometime last year (02). Glenn allegedly forged the rapper's name on royalty checks and attempted to withdraw the funds after depositing them into an account.

Glenn, who had started to dress like the rapper, also registered a car, received hospital care, and sent out express mail packages in the London-born rapper's name, RICKY WALTERS.

Glenn has been apprehended and charged with seven counts of fraud, three counts of forgery, two counts of obtaining property under false pretence, and two counts of identity theft.

Glenn, who could face additional criminal charges, is still in police custody and bail has been set at $30,000 (GBP20,000).

Slick Rick is currently behind bars himself, fighting deportation from America.