Rapper Slick Rick's release from jail has been ordered by a judge, who ruled American authorities were wrong to try and deport him.

The star, real name Richard Walters, has been incarcerated in Bradenton, Florida for 17 months after US immigration authorities had tried to utilise a law allowing for the deportation of foreigners who had been convicted of a violent offence.

Rick, 38, who moved to America from his home town of London aged 11, served five years in prison last decade for attempted murder - but his publicist BILL ADLER points out that the American authorities only acted after the 11 September terrorist attacks on the country caused a general crackdown on immigrants.

A release date for Rick has not yet been set, but his lawyer ALEX SOLOMIANY expects his client to be let out as soon as possible, adding that he was, "very happy and looking forward to getting released."

04/11/2003 16:57