British-born rap pioneer Slick Rick is still facing a struggle against U.S. immigration authorities over his past criminal convictions - despite receiving a pardon from a New York governor earlier this year (08).
The hip-hop icon, real name Ricky Walters, has been jailed in the U.S twice - once in 1991 for attempted murder and assault , and again in 2002 over immigration issues.
He was released from jail in 2003 after spending 18 months in detention, and New York Governor David Paterson officially pardoned the star for his crime in May (08).
But the La Di Da Di hitmaker admits his fight isn't over yet.
He says, "We're in a better position that we was before. We have a couple of hurdles that we have to go through, just clarifying everything with the immigration people. Other than that we're just on standby to see what the board does from this point forward."