Heavy metal veterans Slayer have hinted that their forthcoming album may be their last.
The rockers are contracted to one final release with their current label, legendary producer Rick Rubin's American Recordings, but frontman Tom Araya admits their future as a band is uncertain.
And while he refuses to state outright the group is to disband, he says, "Let's put it this way; this is the final record of our commitment with Rick Rubin.
"When we first signed a deal with him back in 1986, we never sat down and said, 'How long do you guys want to keep this together?'. We just signed the deal and we've just been doing records since.
"We're working on new ideas now just so that people can have a taste of what's coming. (Guitarists) Kerry (King) and Jeff (Hanneman) are putting together ideas, so what the end result of this next two-and-a-half months is, I don't know. Once we've put together new material, we can get together and discuss our future plans."
But Araya, 47, refuses to continue rocking out into old age - and has effectively set a deadline for the demise of Slayer.
He adds, "Seeing a 50-year-old man headbanging on stage would make me cringe. If I was watching that, I'd think, 'Dude, you're a little too old for that, aren't you? You're gonna fall off!'."