Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo credits his healthy diet with his speedy return to the kit after breaking his leg at Christmas (11).
The heavy metal star is back onstage after an ice-skating accident left him in a cast - and itching to get back on tour.
He tells Belgium's Studio Brussel, "I was scared. I was very, very scared. But I recovered fairly quickly. I eat healthy and I don't drink alcohol that much, so I was able to bounce back quickly.
"The doctor even said, 'Wow, you can move your foot that good?' I was playing on it probably a month later, after it was broken, I was already playing drums - playing soft. It hurt, but I did it. So I kept pushing it and pushing it, but if it hurt too much, I wouldn't do it.
"I would find this little space that I could work with. But I was very aggressive, because I wanna play. I wasn't like, 'Oh, my leg hurts. I don't wanna work.'"