Slayer rocker DAVE LOMBARDO is working on a new solo album of world beats.
The drummer is currently touring Australia with the metal band and fellow rockers Megadeth, but he can't wait to head back to the U.S. and finish his new project, which will be ready for release in 2010.
Lombardo tells Classic Rock magazine, "It will showcase a very different side of me. If you're a metalhead then you may not appreciate a lot of what'll be on it. It's really world music with an edge.
"It's an opportunity for me to reveal a different side to my playing - much more avant-garde. It won't have any singing, or other instruments apart from drums and percussion. It's my vanity project, I suppose. I've been working on it for a while, and hope to get it finished soon."
Slayer were due to return to the stage in Perth on Tuesday night (13Oct09), after a bout of laryngitis forced frontman Tom Araya to cancel a performance in Adelaide on Sunday (11Oct09).