Rockers Slayer had no problem bowing down to Marilyn Manson's demand he ends every show on their upcoming co-headlining tour, because it'll give them time "to chill for a change". Slayer guitarist Kerry King admits he doesn't care if his band headlines some of the gigs or not. He tells, "It is completely co-headlining, except that he wanted to close every day, and we're like, 'Hey, knock yourself out.' "We've been in so many situations like that, and sometimes, it's better not to be the last band on. So, we're just kind of happy about it. I don't have the ego that makes me - and I'm not saying Manson does - but I don't have the ego that makes me have to close every show. "I won't be playing any longer, and we'll be done with our show and be able to chill for a change."