Slayer rocker Tom Araya is recovering well from back surgery which prompted the band to postpone their touring plans.
The bassist began experiencing back pain on tour in Australia and Japan late last year (09) and was diagnosed with a cervical radiculopathy - a dysfunction of a nerve root of the spine - upon his return home to California.
Araya's orthopaedist persuaded him to go under the knife earlier this year (10) in an effort to end his intermittent bouts of severe pain, numbness and muscle spasms.
The star reveals the surgery was a success, and he's busy preparing for the band's upcoming tour of the U.K., which was postponed after he decided to go ahead with the operation.
Araya tells, "I'm doing good. I'm recovering good. I'm just getting ready for this tour that's coming up, getting ready for the rigors of the road. We've just got a lot of prepping to do, we haven't really jammed together in over five months, we've been doing that for the last week."
But Araya admits the operation has affected his trademark stage routine: "With a plate in your neck it's not a good idea to do (headbanging). The only disclaimer I can have for people is there's nothing wrong with headbanging, just do it in moderation. And understand at some point it could damage you. I'm still gonna rock out, I just won't be able to metal out."