Slash used to own 90 snakes.

The Guns N' Roses star - who has been sober for the last seven years - is very passionate about his hobbies and recently had to ''kick'' an addiction to video game Angry Birds.

He said: ''I only have one snake now, I used to have 90, but I'm on the board of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association.

''I got a f**king iPad for Christmas and got addicted to Angry Birds on the road, but I kicked it.''

However one thing he has not given up is a love of pinball machines.

He added: ''I have three in the house and a few more in storage. The 'Addams Family' pinball machine is hands down the best ever made.''

Slash, 45, admits he used to love drinking until it developed into an addiction, but believes it was his upbringing in the 60s which caused his passion for alcohol.

He told FHM magazine: ''I was born into the 60s revolution thing. And my parents were entrenched in the hippie movement. I was always around people seeking out a higher being or something. It was fun.

''I was doing it from an early age. It was a constant pastime, especially drinking.

''Boozing was easy. I wasn't necessarily trying to be cool. I didn't think it was cool to be f**ked up.''