Legendary guitarist Slash is making the most of his time off from Velvet Revolver - he is recording his first solo album during the break in his schedule.
The rockers are currently on hiatus while they search for a new frontman after sacking singer Scott Weiland in April (08).
And Slash is determined not to waste any of his time away from the spotlight, putting all his efforts into carving out his first solo LP.
He tells Blabbermouth.net, "I'm working on it pretty aggressively right now while I have the time 'cause as soon as Velvet finds its singer, then it's going to be off the races with that.
"I'm using this little period to be able to do as much on my solo record as possible. I'm not sure exactly when it will come out, but hopefully it will come out before the (next) Velvet record.
"It'll be my first solo record. All the other ones were just me putting other bands together and going out and just jamming. This will actually be a little bit more personal."