Slash misses his late pal Lemmy Kilmister a great deal.

The Guns N' Roses guitarist posted a touching tribute to the late Motorhead frontman on the two-year anniversary (28.12.17) of his death from inoperable prostate cancer.

Alongside a picture of Lemmy holding a cigarette and leaning over a glass of whiskey, his favourite tipple, Slash wrote on Instagram: ''I don't think there's a day goes by that I don't miss #LemmyKilmister (sic)''

Lemmy's bandmate Mikkey Dee says that the outpouring of love for the metal legend was ''bigger'' than Elvis Presley.

He said recently: ''I already know that he's being remembered in a proper way, because, you know, when he passed, it's been bigger than Elvis [Presley].

''He would be very surprised and honoured if he knew. He might know, if he was peeking down to see what's going on.

''I mean, if you saw what just happened at the Wacken festival, for instance, with a hundred thousand fans raising their hands while they played the new video, for [a cover of David Bowie's] 'Heroes'.

''That was the release of that song, kind of, and it was just incredible. They're naming streets after Lemmy; they're naming all kinds of parks and stages.''

Mikkey said previously they will honour Lemmy ''when the time is right'', but only do it when there is a ''craving'' for it.

He said: ''There is the possibility of doing that when the time is right.

''One day there is going to be a craving for something like this, and when there's a craving for it we have to do it in a proper way.''

Th band want to make sure they take their time and make something really special for their legendary bandmate.

He said: ''Only with the right formation and the right timing - to do it too soon would be a disaster.

''But I'm totally open to doing something and I'm going to do my damnedest to put something really, really great together.''