Rock stars Slash and Dylan Carlson have paid tribute to guitar visionary Travis Bean after he died of cancer.
The instrument maker, whose aluminium-necked guitars have been used by bands such as the Rolling Stones and Arcade Fire, lost a long battle with the disease at the age of 63 on 10 July (11).
Velvet Revolver star Slash has taken to his page to share his grief upon hearing the news about Bean's death, as well as the tragic passing of former Motorhead guitarist Michael 'Wurzel' Burston last week (ends10Jul11).
Slash writes, "It's been brought to my attention that Wurzel passed away. As well as Travis Bean. Very sad news to hear."
Meanwhile, Earth frontman Carlson tells, "Travis was a... visionary of the highest order. He and the instruments he constructed were beautiful examples of form and function united in beautiful proportion, without gimmicks, doodads, falderal and ugly bling. A revered name in instrument building, deserving of wider recognition - may he play forever in the fields of the blessed."