Rocker Slash has blasted modern musicians for their obsession with fame and money - insisting he performed gigs for beer cash when he started out in GUNS N' ROSES.
The British-born guitarist claims he was only ever motivated by his love of music, and even combined his early career in the November Rain band with a "straight job".
Slash tells New Zealand's 3 News, "I think what was great about Guns N' Roses is that we made it on our own integrity and we didn't give up anything to anybody and made it on our own merit. The early gigs didn't pay well at all. We actually looked forward to getting paid after a gig, but it was usually for the beer. I kept a straight job for a while."
He says of fame-hungry modern rockers: "Everybody else is making compromises and concessions so that they can make it big and get their picture on the cover of Teen Beat or Us Weekly or whatever, you know, so, so...There's a sort of, kind of, selling out to that."