Slash, real name Saul Hudson, has been awarded with the 2,473rd star on the legendary Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contributions to music. The former Guns N Roses guitarist who was born in Britain gushed, "I've been a part of the Hollywood fabric for a long time and to actually be appreciated by the city of Hollywood is a huge, huge honour. And so I want to thank everybody for this; it's unbelievable".
Despite his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame only months before, the musical pioneer maintains that a Star is 'the coolest thing you could ever get'. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a popular tourist attraction along the Hollywood Boulevard in the Californian state. Other stars to have received the honour include actor and friend of Slash Charlie Sheen as well as various other musical sensations including Christina Aguilera, The Beatles, Alice Cooper, Celine Dion, Britney Spears and Elvis Presley. Former lead singer of Guns N' Roses Axl Rose, however, has so far not been honoured with a star; a fact which Sheen spared no time in making a joke of. "It's quite fitting, I think, that Slash is getting a star on the very street that Axl Rose will one day be sleeping on", he remarked at Slash's presentation.
The guitarist left the band in 1996 due to the disrespect Rose showed to their fans, his demanding to legally own the band name and contracting the other band members to 'hired hands' allowing him to dismiss them any time at his pleasure. Slash has since embarked on a successful solo career recently releasing his second album 'Apocalyptic Love'.