Rocker Slash and Kiss star Paul Stanley refused to speak to each other for years after the then-GUNS N' ROSES star took aim at the singer's sound mixing skills in an interview.

The guitarist reveals he and Stanley fell out over remarks he made following a disastrous Guns N' Roses gig, at which the Kiss star was helping to perfect the sound.

Confirming Stanley's story in his autobiography Face The Music: A Life Exposed, Slash recalls the rock veteran had offered to help him land a guitar deal, but their friendship fell flat when the G N' R star accused his hero of meddling with the band's sound at a Los Angeles club gig.

In his book, Stanley recalls Slash coming back to him about the guitar deal weeks later: "(I said), 'You want me to help you get guitars after you went around saying all that s**t about me behind my back? One thing you're going to have to learn is not to air your dirty laundry in public. Nice knowing you, go f**k yourself'."

Slash tells Hard Rock Magazine, "We didn't speak for years after that. It was only until roughly 2006 that we got reacquainted when I was doing the Kiss Rock Honours for Vh1 and we sort of let bygones be bygones. We're more or less cool now."