Slash dresses as himself for Halloween.

The legendary guitarist admits he is lazy when it comes to fancy dress outfits, and though he knows he will always encounter other people dressed as him on the spooky day today (31.10.12), he finds it ''funny''.

He said: ''I'm tired of coming up with new ideas, so I just go as me.

''It's usually really funny because I'll go to a Halloween party and run into two or three other people who are dressed as me.''

Though he dresses up as himself, Slash will still go out trick-or-treating.

He said: ''The neighbourhood I live in a major Halloween destination, so I go out trick-or-treating and leave whoever doesn't feel like it at home. Do I play tricks? Not in recent years...''

Slash also admitted he isn't a fan of pumpkin carving, though it is a skill he is good at.

He told NME magazine: ''I'm pretty good at pumpkin carving, but I'm lazy. I'll do it if I'm asked to do it, but if I can avoid it, I will.

''The operation of carving a pumpkin is pretty obvious, it's just a matter of motivation.''