GUNS N' ROSES star Slash's bid to turn his new singer search into a reality TV talent show is fast becoming a joke - only three potential singers have tried out and one of them refuses to appear on camera.

Slash and former G N' R bandmates Matt Sorum and Duff Mckagan have turned their talent search into a new VH1 show, titled THE PROJECT - but the programme is fast becoming a laughing stock.

The band has yet to decide upon a name and now the behind-the-scenes look at how a rock band is constructed has fallen flat.

But Slash insists he's happy with the process so far, even though he's not sure about being part of a reality show.

He says, "Documentary and reality are two different things, and when you say reality show, it just sounds stupid.

"There's something inherently wrong with the whole concept of reality shows - watching everybody's trials and tribulations and the stupidest aspects of everyday life, or whatever it is that goes on, usually borders on stupidity.

"What we're doing with VH1 is just documenting what we've been doing as far as looking for a singer. They're not going to our house and coming out with us to dinner and going with us to the gas station and watching us fight. So let's put that whole reality concept to rest."