Former GUNS N' ROSES stars Slash and Duff Mckagan are suing frontman AXL ROSE for failing to consult them before snubbing lucrative offers from movie bosses wanting to use the group's music in their films.

In the Los Angeles suit, guitarist Slash - real name SAUL HUDSON - and bassist McKagan are accusing Rose of rejecting requests to use old Guns N' Roses songs in major Hollywood films even though he lacks controlling interest in the material.

The rock pair are reportedly furious they were left unaware of offers from the makers of We Were Soldiers, Death to Smoochy, Old School and Just Married, and are seeking $1 million (GBP550,000) from eccentric Rose in return.

The suit also claims Rose killed negotiations with the producers of BLACK HAWK DOWN, who wanted to use Guns N' Roses anthem WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE in their movie.

In a rare show of unity, Slash and McKagan joined forces with Rose in March (04) to file a lawsuit against their former label to prevent it from releasing a Guns N' Roses greatest-hits album. They lost the case.

05/05/2004 02:41