Slade rocker JIMMY LEA is responsible for one of the greatest Christmas hits ever - but even he's tired of it.

Lea, who played bass for the 70s band, admits he's sick to death of hearing his and bandmate Noddy Holder's megahit MERRY XMAS EVERYBODY played all over his native Britain from way before 25 December.

He gripes, "Merry Xmas Everybody was written for Christmas Day. You don't start singing Happy Birthday to someone two months before the day. Please don't start playing it again yet. I don't want to hear it for at least another month!

"I'm no SCROOGE, it's just that I'm sick of the Christmas hysteria. I think it's ridiculous. I wanted to write an anthem for Christmas Day - but I never dreamt it would still be played 30 years later."

14/11/2003 02:23