MORCHEEBA singer Skye Edwards is taking inspiration from actress HALLE BERRY in the style stakes.

The curvy ROME WASN'T BUILD IN A DAY crooner loves getting dressed up for photo shoots and says there is nothing wrong with showing off a bit of flesh.

Skye enthuses, "I don't see myself as men's magazine sexy but I do enjoy getting dressed up. It's part of getting into character before I go onstage because I do have a shy side.

"I'll wear things that are a bit more daring, that show a bit more - not cleavage exactly, because I don't go for that whole balcony, booby, squeezed together stuff, but I do like to show a bit of sternum and shoulders.

"I've never had forward-pointing nipples, they've always been African-looking, and now after two babies I definitely need to wear a bra."

Of her fashion mentor Skye adds, "My husband JUSTIN keep reminding me that Halle Berry's husband has always encouraged her to be more sexy. He says, 'It's all right for Halle, it's all right for you. Go on, get your t*** out.'"

22/07/2003 02:20