Pop star Sky Ferreira has pushed back the release of her debut album until next year (14) so she can have more time to work on her new music.

The singer claimed to have finished the record, reportedly titled I Will, back in April (13), but she has now told fans not to expect the project to hit retailers until 2014.

However, she will give them a taste of her new music by releasing an Ep later this year (13).

In a series of posts on Twitter.com, Ferreira insists she was not responsible for the decision to delay her album's release.

She writes, "My Lp got pushed back for a few reasons: 1. Huge opportunity to make something better. 2. I'll now be able to release it worldwide... I wasn't able to before due to the transition/Emi being bought by Universal... Release dates are sort of really completely out of my control... It's really for the best. It's not getting delayed because things are going wrong. It's actually the complete opposite... Ep coming out in September."