Rapper Sky Blu was once stripped ''butt naked'' while crowd-surfing at a gig.

The LMFAO star, who is now releasing a solo album 'The Party President', has had a number of awkward experiences at shows when he's decided to jump into the audience and admits one concert saw him stripped of all his clothes.

He told BANG Showbiz: ''I crowd-surfed at a gig at a college and they stripped me butt naked. I had thin pants on, like Arabian pants. All I had was the elastic band left, they ripped everything off!''

He added: ''I'm at another college [performing] and I'm raging, running around. There are 6,000 kids. I see all these dudes, it's better to go towards them, they will support you, you don't wanna jump on girls, so I jump in and I feel the overwhelming crotch grabbers, a**e-grabbing. I was like, 'What the hell?!' ''

But the rapper laughed it off and still thrives at live shows, even once performing a high energy set to just one fan at a badly promoted concert.

He said: ''For seven months we were doing sold-out shows and were winning. We go to this conference in Rotterdam, it's this huge stage and we went for a sound check and we're like, 'We're about to f**k this sh*t up', we couldn't hear anybody but thought they were being polite.

''We looked out and there was one girl reading a book on a bean bag. We [still] decided to do a full show, drinking, running around, jumping. She loved it.''

The star, who performed as LMFAO with his uncle Redfoo, hasn't ruled out releasing another record as a duo in the future but is focusing on his solo career.

He said: ''I have so much passion in what I do. I'm ridiculously driven. I will not only be a very strong independent artist, I'm gonna inspire a lot of people, like Macklemore, one of my biggest inspirations.''

He added: ''The Party President is a part of me. I feel like I'm campaigning. I have a duty to move that booty.

''My new album is completely different to LMFAO's music, I wrote 30 something songs in a month. They were pouring from my heart. I thought, 'I can do this'.''

Sky Blu's record is released later this year and his new single 'Go On Girl' is available now.