Dance music sensation Skrillex struck up a romance with British singer Ellie Goulding by approaching her online.
Skrillex has been dating the Starry Eyed hitmaker since last year (11) and he has now revealed he first got in touch with the singer by sending her an email.
They began communicating over the phone and Goulding eventually made a special trip to meet him during a visit to America.
He tells Rolling Stone, "(We first met) months and months ago. I sent her an email, like, 'I'm Skrillex. I don't know if you know who I am, but I love your s**t.' We started texting and talking on the phone. Just randomly, when she was in New York, she flew out to Memphis for a couple of days to see me."
In the interview, which was given shortly before last month's (Feb12) Grammy Awards, where he won three honours, Skrillex considered taking Goulding as his date, saying, "We're not a public thing, but I want to take her to the Grammys and have a seat for her," adding, "I love her. She's my f**king girl. I definitely want to take her, but the red carpet can be weird."