The DJ/producer took to social media on Sunday (15Jan17), his 29th birthday, to share the track Make War, his first new material in a decade with his old band From First to Last.

The tune was posted online alongside an image of a peach wrapped in barbed wire, which raised eyebrows among some eagle-eyed fans who noted similarities to the cover art of Culture Abuse's album Peach, which was released last year (16).

Social media users alerted the members of the San Francisco, California-based band to the apparent plagiarism, and on Monday (16Jan17), they took to Twitter to share their disappointment.

"Our music & our art means everything to us," they wrote. "we do this out of pure passion. Not for money, not for approval. nothing will stop us."

Skrillex responded to the accusations hours later as he defended From First to Last and artwork designers Sus Boy and Jabbathekid over the dispute.

"Just wanted to convey we were unaware of the band Culture Abuse's cover art with a peach similar to ours for From First to Last that we released yesterday," he tweeted. "It was a complete coincidence, and we would never disrespect or appropriate another artist's work."

He then expressed his hope that if anything, the controversy would prompt music lovers to explore the punk band's work.

The note continued, "Shoutout (sic) to Culture Abuse, and as a positive to come from this, hopefully people will go check out their music and show them some love."