Safor are launching a new affordable handbag line.

The luxury British leather and exotic Skins accessories label - which counts Gwyneth Paltrow among its many fans - has revealed plans to expand the line and make it more accessible for women in their 20s.

Founder and designer Sarah Forsyth told "It was quite couture-based. What we've done is bring in a new line - it'll still be very classic and high end but we're hoping it'll appeal to a broader demographic. It's been designed with 20-somethings in mind.

"With the economic climate as it is, I wanted to create pieces that everyone could buy into, not just the wealthy elite. The couture line will still exist and we'll keep adding new leather skins and new fabrics to keep it fresh and exciting."

Sarah also revealed 'Country Strong' star Gwyneth was so delighted with a Clutch bag the company sent her that she wrote a note thanking them for the gift.

She said: "I actually sent her this purple and blue faux lizard clutch not thinking I'd hear anything back and then we saw a picture of her wearing it. We then received a handwritten reply from her saying she loved it and thanking me very much -it was very unexpected indeed!"