Former Skid Row star Sebastian Bach ordered security to remove a fan from the audience at a show in Colombia on Friday (30Mar10) after accusing the man of throwing objects on stage.
The rocker was opening for Guns N' Roses at the Parque Jaime Duque venue in Bogota as part of the band's South American tour.
But Bach grew increasingly angry when one reveller allegedly began pelting him during the performance, and ordered officials at the venue to remove him from the crowd.
He shouted into the microphone, "You better get him out of here or there's no f**king show. That guy in the hat. Axl Rose will not come out here man, this is f**king bulls**t."
And as the security team remove the unnamed man, Bach added, "Everybody say 'Bye bye'. Bye bye a**hole, don't let the door hit you on the a** on your way out."