Skid Row rocker Sebastian Bach put his marriage split behind him as he celebrated New Year's Eve (31Dec10), by singing karaoke with a pretty brunette in a New Jersey bar.
The frontman confirmed on New Year's Day (01Jan11) that he and wife Maria Bierk have gone their separate ways after 18 years of marriage.
He revealed the pair had originally split in April (10) but tried unsuccessfully to work things out over the year, adding: "We have tried to work things out for the sake of our family, but it has become apparent that our differences at this point are irreconcilable. In 2011, we go our separate ways."
And Bach bid farewell to 2010 with a boozy night at a karaoke bar, where he sang Journey classic Don't Stop Believing while drinking red wine. He had a companion throughout the rendition - a brunette who insisted on kissing his cheek during his performance.