Skepta has always ''wanted, wanted, wanted'' to own designer clothes.

The 'That's Not Me' rapper has admitted he has always dreamed of owning designs from luxury labels, although he could never afford to purchase the expensive items, which resulted in him making his clothes himself.

Speaking to Hypebeast website, he said: ''I'm not an expert in fashion, but when I was young, all the old gangsters where I lived always had the nicest clothes like Iceberg, HSTRY, Moschino, Versace, and Prada. I always wanted, wanted, wanted nice clothes, and I think literally that's where my love for fashion comes from.

''It's from all the things I wanted when I was younger, but I couldn't buy as I never had money. Now I like to make it myself, or I buy it.''

However, the 33-year-old has revealed he got away with a bad outfit by wearing the newest pair of trainers.

Speaking about his favourite wardrobe choice, he explained: ''I'd say the Air Max. Since I was a kid, even if all your outfit wasn't good and you had new Air Max kicks, people was like stars with the kicks.''

And the London-born musician has admitted when he was younger he used to ''follow the crowd'' instead of being more experimental with his fashion sense.

Speaking about his thoughts on street style, he said: ''There are going to be people who just do it because everybody is doing it and some people who do it out of love. I was of the people who did because everybody did it. When you're a kid, you follow the crowd.''

Meanwhile, Skepta - whose real name is Joseph Junior Adenuga - has revealed he would like to release a fashion line, although it would be a subtle designer label.

He said: ''Even though I do want to release a brand and tour merchandise, I don't want to do it to take advantage of kids. I don't want to give them big logos to put on Instagram so they can show to their friends. If I ever do it, it'll have nothing to do with big logos and things like that.

''With my brand, it's something for them ... I want them to wear these clothes so they can feel good and look good and still afford it. It is really important to me.''