Billboard posters for the funeral-set TV series Six Feet Under have been banned in Britain, following complaints that they were distasteful.

The ADVERTISING STANDARDS AUTHORITY (Asa) made the ruling after receiving nine complaints from people upset by the adverts, which depicted corpses advertising funeral products.

The spoof advertisements were to promote the second series of the hit HBO programme on Britain's CHANNEL 4, which started last Sunday (25MAY03).

But many people found the 'Skin To Die For' posters featuring fake funeral brands and models made up like corpses distressing.

A Channel Four spokesperson says, "We consider the campaign to be a parody of the fashion beauty industry, done in a sardonic and tasteful way."

But the ASA countered, "The authority was concerned that people would not understand the intended parody and would be offended by what appeared to be corpses advertising funeral products.

"It was also concerned that children could be distressed by what appeared to be corpses and concluded that the posters were unsuitable for display."

28/05/2003 13:38