American disco stars Sister Sledge visited Britain's parliament yesterday (5NOV03) as part of a campaign to combat rising gun crime.

JONI and DEBBIE SLEDGE - one half of the sibling quartet - added their voices to the DISARM TRUST campaign, which is trying to combat the rising gun crime in the country.

Joni says, "I've seen things in Britain that are really disturbing. I hope Britain does not develop a gun culture. Look at what has happened in the United States and don't follow us."

WE ARE FAMILY singer Joni and Debbie are fervent campaigners against gun crime.

In recent years, Joni witnessed a shooting in Los Angeles, where a young girl was killed in the crossfire of a gang fight. Distressed by the death and the youth of the gang members she composed a song called Brother, BROTHER, STOP.

She notes, "The shooting was really painful, horrific."

06/11/2003 09:49