Sissy Spacek's movies are like ''old friends'' to her.

The 68-year-old actress is happy to watch her past work on screen because the films will always be a ''part'' of her and they bring back fond memories.

Asked if she watches her movies, she said: ''Oh my gosh, I do! Sometimes it's accidental. Sometimes there's a new Blu-ray version.

'''Badlands', '3 Women', 'In the Bedroom', 'Carrie', 'Coal Miner's Daughter' - those are a part of me. They're like old friends.

''Mainly, the thing about all of these films I've been a part of is that I think about all of the elements that have to work.

''You go to do a project with the highest ideals and the biggest hopes and dreams that it will be not just what we think it is but that collaboration.

''It's like reaching out for a doorknob and getting an electric shock. It's that shock you're looking for when everyone works together.''

But the 'Carrie' actress admitted she doesn't always know which projects will give her that ''shock''.

She added in an interview with Vulture: ''You start to recognise elements in other films that had that. Whoever has the best ideas. Everybody speaks up. Everybody is a part of it. But you don't know. That's the scary part. It's about collaborators.''

Sissy can currently be seen in 'Castle Rock', a TV series based on the work of horror writer Stephen King and, especially after previously starring in 'Carrie', she knows he's someone readers and viewers can ''trust''.

She said: ''As a reader, as a storyteller, you trust his stories. He's got one foot in reality and one foot in the stars. It's psychological and it's character-driven.

''One of the things that's so good about 'Castle Rock' is it captures that spooky kind of thing that's elusive. It's hard to describe. Our emotions, our fears - and then, somehow, they get humour in there.

''Also, he's who we know. He's that great writer that has been plopped down during our lifetime. He's part of our culture. We know him. We feel safe with him, even though he scares us.''