Newly-single Sirens beauty Tara Fitzgerald fears she may have to resort to artificial insemination in order to have a child.

The 35-year-old actress - who split with American husband JIM SHARIAN last year (03) - longs to be a mother, but her single status and an ectopic pregnancy at 19 have reduced her chances of conceiving.

She says, "It worries me in cycles. Sometimes I think, 'Ohhh..' and then I think, 'It's Okay.' But obviously, given my current situation, it's taken a bit of a back seat. But I've still got time. Women are lucky now. You know - with IVF."

And Tara - who played Ewan McGregor's love interest in BRASSED OFF - is happy to be single again.

She adds, "It's been very, very interesting and a big learning curve because you're not always thinking about somebody else."

26/01/2004 13:41