BEACH BOY BRIAN WILSON can die a happy man after recording tracks with his British heroes Sir Paul McCartney and SIR Elton John.

The two rock heavyweights agreed to work with Wilson on his new solo album GETTIN' IN OVER MY HEAD, which gave the pop legend to live out two of his fantasies in less than a month.

Wilson admits he was really impressed with Elton's abilities in the studio after approaching him to record with him two years ago.

He says, "I said, 'Would you ever consider working with me on an album?' and he said he'd love to, so, come about four months ago, I called him up and I asked him if he would let me send him a tape or a CD of a song called HOW CAN WE STILL BE DANCING?

"He learned how to sing the song and he came to LA and he did it in 20 minutes... and he left the studio. Amazing."

But working with McCartney was a real highlight: "I wrote A FRIEND LIKE YOU with Paul in mind. That was one of the biggest thrills of my life - to produce Paul McCartney."

23/08/2004 21:21