Sir Paul McCartney's longterm friend VICTOR SPINETTI has slammed the former beatle's estranged wife Heather Mills for coming between the rocker and his close-knit family A HARD DAY'S NIGHT actor Spinetti accuses Mills of banning the YESTERDAY singer from speaking to his 33-year-old stepdaughter HEATHER LOUISE - his late wife LINDA's child from her first marriage The veteran theatre actor recalls, "I said to (Mills) at one point, 'How's Heather (Louise)?' and she said, 'Don't mention her name She's not allowed to phone Paul She only upsets him ' And I thought, 'Oh, right Keep quiet ' And this was before they were married "I could see she was strong and opinionated But Paul obviously fell in love and that was that "I don't think she realised Paul has an ego She thought he was a pushover "