Rock legend Sir Paul McCartney has been ordered to turn down the volume as he practices for his forthcoming European tour.

The former beatle has rented London's MILLENNIUM DOME as a rehearsal venue and has been polluting the ears of nearby neighbours on the capital's Isle Of Dogs.

One local ERIC PEMBERTON moans, "We've had excessive noise all week and I mean excessive.

"It's absolutely booming out. Even with all my doors and windows shut, I can still hear the racket.

"I phoned the council to complain and they said, 'Paul McCartney's playing!' as though I should be pleased."

After more angry residents phoned GREENWICH COUNCIL, officials contacted McCartney and forbid him from playing louder than 92 decibels.

Pemberton continues, "Environmental health officers from Greenwich and Tower Hamlets promised Sir Paul won't be allowed to play louder than 92 decibels. That's still b***dy loud, but it's a big improvement."

13/05/2004 17:02