Rock legend Sir Paul McCartney has been left red-faced after being conned by a phone hoaxing radio DJ who pretended to be the Canadian Prime Minister.

Cheeky broadcaster MARC AUDETTE - pretending to be PM JEAN CHRETIEN - told the former beatle he would be awarded the Order Of Canada, and invited him to dinner before reciting Fab Four lyrics down the phone to him.

McCartney, currently performing in Canada, only realised he was being conned when Audette, a DJ on local station CKOI, came clean at the end of the chat.

But the 61-year-old still managed to get the last laugh - after Audette revealed the joke, the singer teased, "Well I'm telling you we're going to sue your ass off," before admitting he was joking.

McCartney's spokesperson insists the superstar saw the funny side of the stunt; "He took it all in good spirits."

09/10/2003 03:22