Sir Paul McCartney has praised his wife NANCY SHEVELL for keeping him ''grounded''.

The former Beatles musician has opened up about his life with the 55-year-old businesswoman, who he wed in 2011, saying she is a positive influence on him because she is down to earth and stays out of the limelight.

He gushed: ''Nancy is great at keeping me grounded because she's very level-headed.

''When we met I wondered how she'd react to it all. She got some great offers to do stuff in magazines for just being who she was - Mrs McCartney - and stuff that a lot of girls would be like, 'Woah, I've gotta do that!'

''But she said no. She's the head of a trucking company and she basically said, 'No, I've already got a job'. And when we went to events where there were a lot of paparazzi, she would just hold back a bit and shove me forward.

''Nancy's got a low profile and wants to be able to walk around unnoticed. She's sensible, and it's refreshing. She is very grounding.''

As well as being loyal to the 'Let It Be' hitmaker, Nancy has also had an impact on Paul's image, as she has forced him to start moisturising, despite the fact he thinks it's ''poofy''.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''Nancy's got some stuff so yeah, I do moisturise now.

''I do it thinking it is completely poofy, but she assures me that men do it now.''