Sir Paul McCartney is set to marry fiancée at NANCY SHEVELL at Old Marylebone Town Hall in London - the same place where the famous Beatle married his late wife Linda.
After a marriage with Heather Mills that ended amid much acrimony, MCCartney finally appears to have found a good match, the Daily Mail reporting that he told party goers in Los Angeles that he viewed her as his "comfort blanket."
Having met Westminster City Council's superintendent registrar ALISON CATHCART earlier this week, the couple posted their notice to marry on Wednesday (14/9,) reports CNN. This means that theoretically they could tie the knot as early as September 30th following a two week period of notice - though rumours suggest an October date is more likely.
Speaking of her meeting with the couple, Cathcart said "They were lovely, very relaxed and very charming and clearly in love with each other," going on to say of the venue, "We have been called the Rock-and-Roll Venue, and that's a legacy of the Beatles because also Ringo Starr got married here. People like Liam Gallagher chose to get married here because of the Beatles connection ... a lot of people do."
Few were more famous than MCCartney and his first wife Linda, who were happily married 29 years before her sad demise to cancer in 1998. An insider told the Daily Mail however that "in Nancy he has found what Linda gave him: someone who nurtures him, but who quietly cajoles him when needs be."