Sir Paul McCartney has been spotted out on a 'date' with socialite and drinks empire heiress SABRINA GUINNESS, fuelling speculation that he is unconcerned over his courtroom problems with his current wife.

Reports in the Daily Mail claim the former Beatles legend has been partying with the 52-year-old Guinness, who has previously dated Mick Jagger, Bryan Ferry, Jack Nicholson, Michael Douglas and Rod Stewart, not to mention David Bowie and a certain Prince CHARLES.

The couple met up with Sir Paul's daughter Stella and her husband ALASDHAIR WILLIS, before heading to the local pub. However, after spotting the paparazzi, Guinness was dropped off at a friend's house and the other three went for dinner alone.

An angry Sir Paul reportedly told reporters from the paper: "I realise everyone wants to see me with a new bird right now and that's very flattering. I have known this lady for a while. We enjoy each other's company."

He added: "I have had a terrible day at the office and as you probably know I'm going through a pretty difficult divorce right now too."

Sir Paul admitted he just wanted to sit down with Guinness and Stella and have a quiet drink.

23/03/2007 16:23:41