Sir Paul McCartney has moved up the list of the world's richest musicians thanks to his mariage to NANCY SHEVELL.
The Beatles legend's mass fortune was estimated at $792 (£495) million last year (11), but has now risen to $1.6 billion because of his wife's family fortune.
The couple is third in the Sunday Times Rich List Music Millionaires Top Fifty, with theatre producer Sir Cameron MACkintosh and record executive Clive Calder placed above them.
Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber came fourth thanks to his $944 million (£590 million) personal fortune and Irish rockers U2 made fifth spot with a combined haul of $822 million (£514 million).
David and Victoria Beckham joined Rolling Stones rocker Sir Mick Jagger in 10th place after earning $304 million (£190 million).