Sir Paul McCartney has inspired his son to make music.

The Beatles legend is a massive influence on James, 32, who has formed The Light with pals Bryan Johnson on drums and bassist Charlie Turner, who grew up in Allerton, the same area of Liverpool where Paul spent his childhood and inspired many of the group's later hits.

James - who plays a cherry-red Fender Stratocaster guitar given to him by the international star - said: "I have been playing music since I was nine and writing along the way.

"I met my band about a year ago. Producer David Kahne introduced us and my dad helped.

He added to Britain's The Sun newspaper: "I am currently recording an album. The music was inspired by The Beatles, Nirvana, The Cure, PJ Harvey, Radiohead and all good music."

James is not the only family member to be inspired by Paul's music - his grandchildren like impersonating him.

Earlier this year, the bassist turned down the chance to recreate his biggest hits by playing the New Edition of the computer game 'Rock Band' - which gives gamers the chance to imitate members of the legendary group.

However, Paul's grandchildren, 10-year-old Arthur and Elliott, seven - the children of his daughter Mary - jumped at the chance to play the game.

Creative Producer Giles Martin - the son of Beatles producer Sir George Martin - said: "I was at Abbey Road studios the other day and Paul was there.

"He was with his daughters Beatrice and Mary, who had her boys with her and I said to the boys, 'Do you want to play the game pretending to be your grandfather?' They loved it."