Paul McCartney 's latest album, Kisses on the Bottom represents a trip down memory lane for the former Beatles songwriter and according to today's Reuters report (February 7, 2012), it would appear that he allowed one of his collaborators to have a great deal of creative influence on the album. Diana Krall, the jazz pianist and singer, plays on all but one of the tracks and has been credited with the album's rhythm arrangements. Additionally, Krall's longtime producer Tommy LiPuma is at the record's helm and her "frequent collaborators like .Johnny Mandel" also appear on MCCartney's 15th solo album.
Kisses on the Bottom is MCCartney's take on the jazz standards that he used to hear his family singing along to as a child, such as 'I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter' and 'Bye Bye Blackbird.' The album also includes the track 'Valentine', a ballad that Paul Mccartney wrote for NANCY SHEVELL that is "musically hinting at some of the heartbreak MCCartney experienced before meeting his bride, even if the lyric doesn't quite want to go there."
The album has been praised by Jamie Cullum, who reviewed it last week for The Guardian, saying that MCCartney "may still be playing a part but it's more Chet Baker than Sinatra; more Bille Holiday than Buble".