Following on from his Hollywood Walk of Fame induction last night, Sir Paul McCartney demonstrated his enduring appeal across the generations at the Grammys last night. The former member of The Beatles performed 'My Valentine', from his recent album, Kisses on the Bottom. The performance seemed to suggest that MCCartney was styling himself as a crooner, a la Tony Bennett (who also won two Grammy awards last night, including one for his duet with Amy Winehouse).
However, the show-closing medley that MCCartney performed showed him in an entirely different light. He began the performance sat at his piano, with a rendition of 'Golden Slumbers', which he announced was dedicated to Whitney Houston, who had died the day before aged 48. It was a fitting tribute and moved seamlessly into 'Carry that Weight', also with MCCartney on piano. But he jumped up for a star-studded and rousing rendition of 'The End.' For this one, he was joined onstage by Joe Walsh of The Eagles, Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters and Bruce Springsteen, who had performed earlier in the evening with his band.
And proving that the 69 year-old is still hit with the pop glitterati, Lady GaGa planted a kiss on MCCartney's cheek through the black veil that she was wearing, according to the Huffington Post. The 'Born This Way' singer made an understated entrance to the awards this year, choosing not to grace the red carpet. Perhaps she knew that she'd struggle to top last year's entrance, when she arrived encased in an egg, carried by scantily-clad models, so decided not to bother. The outfit that she did choose had a funereal look to it, perhaps to intimate that she was in mourning for the late Whitney Houston.