Sir Paul McCartney has admitted he supports both Everton and Liverpool football teams.

The Beatles legend revealed while it is considered ''sacrilege'' to get behind both Merseyside Premier League clubs, he has a connection to both of them and feels he can get away with it as they are both from his hometown in Northern England.

McCartney's family are Everton fans but he got his love for Liverpool F.C. from former Reds manager Sir Kenny Dalglish.

Speaking in the 'You Gave Me The Answer' section of his official website, he revealed: ''A few weeks ago the Liverpool team played Real Madrid in Kiev, so I was really into that. That was a big match for me, of course, coming from Liverpool. Now the thing is my family are actually Everton supporters because my dad was born in Everton. So we've always traditionally been blue. But years ago I met Kenny Dalglish who was first a player and then a manager for the Liverpool team. And he was a bit of a fan and he used to bring the team to a few of our shows, so I got to know him and like him. So I thought, 'You know what? I'm going to support the Liverpool team as well!'

''So it's sacrilege really because you're not meant to support both, like Chelsea and Tottenham. But because they are both Liverpool teams and I have allegiances to both, so my football teams would be Everton and Liverpool ... or Ever-pool!''

The 76-year-old music icon also offered a plea to the England national football team ahead of their World Cup last 16 match against Colombia on Tuesday evening (03.07.18).

He urged them: ''Please win the World Cup, England! That would be a bit good. I'll be crossing my fingers like the rest of us and hoping for the best!''

It's not all English football for the 'Hey Jude' hitmaker though, who explained he has got into a lot of different sports over the years.

McCartney likes a lot of US sports because his late wife Linda and current spouse Nancy Shevell are both American.

He added: ''I do like to watch sport on TV. I think because my wife Nancy is American, and my first wife Linda was also American, I've got into sports I perhaps otherwise wouldn't have gotten in to.

''Like American football, basketball. And college basketball, that's really pretty interesting. But my main interest is watching the athletics, or as the American's would say: track and field. I like that, that's really my favourite.''