Rock legend Sir Paul McCartney has begun work on a new studio album and plans to promote it on tour next year (04).

The LET IT BE singer - who is expecting his first child with new wife Heather Mills in October (03) - revealed his work plans in a cyber chat with fans on internet provider MSN - but warned them not to expect work to be complete until late next year.

He says, "I'm taking it really easy and not in any hurry to get it finished - particularly with our new arrival on the way.

"So, I don't expect to finish the album until next year some time, which will give me plenty of time to write material because I want to make a great album that we'll be able to take on the road and play for all the lovely fans who supported us last time out."

The former beatle's last tour BACK IN THE WORLD will also be chronicled in a new tome.

MACCA adds, " (The volume will cover) our memories, on stage, on the road, back stage, and off road.

"Not only for fans, but for those of us who were lucky enough to be on the tour, it will be a great reminder of the wonderful time we had."

22/09/2003 08:53