Paul McCartney has spoken to Rolling Stone magazine about the Beatles reunion that never was. The bass player of one of the world's most seminal musical outfits explained to the magazine's reporter that although the possibility of a reunion was discussed, it never happened, because there was always one member or another for whom it didn't feel right at the time, adding "And that was enough, because we were the ultimate democracy."
MCCartney is currently promoting his newly released solo album, Kisses on the Bottom but seems happy to discuss his former life as a Beatle, explaining that the band were always concerned that a reunion may taint their fans memories of the band - had it not turned out well: "it could have spoiled the whole idea of The Beatles, so wrong that they'd be like 'Oh, my God, they weren't any good,'" said MCCartney. The article goes on to explain that, despite never getting back together as a full band, individual members of The Beatles still found time to collaborate with each other over the years and Paul Mccartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr even played 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts' Club Band' at Eric Clapton's wedding in 1979.
Paul Mccartney also explains the story behind the 'Toot and a Snore' bootleg tapes, saying that all of the musicians involved in the jam sessions had been smoking weed and were stoned at the time. "I decided to get on drums" says Paul, "It was just a party, you know. To use the word 'disorganized' is completely understating it. I might have made a feeble attempt to restore order" Among the musicians in the room for the jam session were Stevie Wonder, Linda Mccartney, Bobby Keys and HARRY NILSSON.