Sir Paul McCartney isn't worried if his latest single 'Fuh' doesn't get played on the radio because of its rude title.

The 76-year-old Beatles legend is aware that there are certain DJs in the US that may not give the track from his forthcoming album 'Egypt Station' airplay because it features a swear word - but he's not losing sleep over it.

According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, McCartney said: ''It needs promotion and stuff. There was a lady in America who's a very famous DJ and if she plays it it's a great thing, you know?

''However, she's very religious so they're all worried about the title 'Fuh You'. So I said: 'Well 'Fuh her!'''

The Beatles' songs were often banned by the BBC, most notably 1967's 'A Day in the Life' and 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds', because of drug references and 'I Am the Walrus', which features the line 'You let your knickers down'.

The former Wings star previously stated the song is ''open to interpretation'', though it was believed to be aimed at US President Donald Trump.

However, he has now explained that it is simply a ''raunchy love song''.

He said: ''With this one I was in the studio with [producer] Ryan Tedder whereas the rest of the album has been made with Greg Kurstin...

''We were just thinking of ideas and little pieces of melody and chords and the song just came together bit by bit.

''And then I would try and make some kind of sense of the story. So it was like 'Come on baby now. Talk about yourself. Tell the truth, let me get to know you' and basically I wanna know how you feel, you make me wanna go out and steal. I just want it for you.'

''So that was the basic idea and it developed from there... sort of a love song, but a raunchy love song. There you go - fuh you.''

On Wednesday night (15.08.18), the 'Let it Be' hitmaker unveiled the full track-listing for 'Egypt Station', which includes the singles 'Come On To Me' and 'I Don't Know'.

Meanwhile, fans of Macca can tune into CBS on August 20 from 9pm, when an hour-long version of 'Carpool Karaoke: When Corden Met McCartney Live From Liverpool' is aired featuring never-before-seen footage from the 'Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke' segment from June.

'Egypt Station' is released on September 7 via Capitol Records.

The full track-listing for 'Egypt Station' is as follows:

01. 'Opening Station'

02. 'I Don't Know'

03. 'Come On To Me'

04. 'Happy With You'

05. 'Who Cares'

06. 'Fuh You'

07. 'Confidante'

08. 'People Want Peace'

09. 'Hand In Hand'


11. 'Back In Brazil'

12. 'Do It Now'

13. 'Caesar Rock'

14. 'Despite Repeated Warnings'

15. 'Station II'

16. 'Hunt You Down/Naked/C-Link'